Texas LLC Filing

07/10/2018 15:31

Once someone has determined that Texas is the right state for their corporation, the dream of starting a business can be realized in less than a week if the Texas LLC filing process is understood. Although many forms and supporting documents have to be submitted to the right authority, once the correct Texas LLC filing is complete, the process is usually quickly completed and granted.

Texas LLC Filing in a Few Easy Steps

There are a few steps that have to be followed for a Texas LLC filing. If these steps are taken into consideration, almost all pitfalls of forming a Texas corporation can be avoided. One of the first steps before a Texas LLC filing can be started is to ensure that the chosen company name is available and that it does not contain any word restrictions. The name must also contain the corporation or LLC identifier so that customers know what type of business they are dealing with.

The  paperwork required for the Texas LLC filing  has to be submitted to the Texas Secretary of State office. The most important document for any Texas LLC filing is called the Articles of Organization. Once that has been turned in, then it is necessary to conduct the so-called organizational meeting and determine what the LLC’s operating agreements and corporation bylaws are going to be.

However, before these bylaws can be determined it is necessary to know what type of corporation will be formed. This is important, because Texas LLC filing requires not only submitting forms, but also completing and turning in the right forms. The applicant must choose between the two types of corporations available before a Texas LLC formation is possible. The one type of formation is manager managed and the other member managed.

Almost all of the Texas LLC filing forms required are the same for each type of corporation, but the Texas LLC operating agreement is different. Not only is the form to be completed different, but also how it is set up and how the corporation will be managed and run. All of the company’s policies will be based on this. Once that has been chosen, the applicant has to obtain a local business license from other the country or city in which the corporation will be based and operate in.

Finally, before the Texas LLC filing process can be completed and the corporation officially opened for business, a FEIN or Federal Employer Identification Number, has to be obtained. This is required for opening a company bank account, hiring employees and filling out tax forms.

Once the process is complete, the corporation is generally ready to start business in just three to five days. As long as a few simple steps are followed and the time was put into the preparations, time and effort that has to be put in for a Texas LLC filing is minimal. Even though the process is simple and the forms can be turned in by anyone, there are also many specialized service agencies that can take over the Texas LLC filing completion for a small fee.